Loyalty Programs


Vodafone has revamped its loyalty program with the aim of converting the current Vodafone One Program from a loyalty point system into a lifestyle support program. Vodafone, with the participation of all partners in the network from diverse categories in the market to cater for its millions of customersí unique needs, and reward its customers extra points for being active in the network.


Vodafone One Loyalty Program was launched in May 2014 with an intense above the line advertising campaign that guaranteed exposure to all participating partners, and continues with below the line advertising periodically throughout the program.


Vodafone One Loyalty Program depends on three core transactions:


Redemption: Vodafone One Customer is able to redeem the points in her/his account in an identical manner to using the balances in her/his credit card. Real-time and online.


Reward (Collection): Vodafone One Customer is able to pay in cash and collect Points from various partners within the network that are loaded on his/her personal Vodafone One Card (VF1 card) and to re-use these points in redemption within the network.


Partial Payment: Partial Redemption + Partial Reward.



FSC Role in Vodafone One Loyalty Program:


FSC had a major role in the entire revamping process of the Vodafone One Loyalty Program. FSC provided all the required technology to enable Vodafone One to attain a full online system as well as supply all participating outlets with the necessary equipment to enable Vodafone One customers to transact seamlessly. An estimate of 1650 Point of Sale plus will be provided throughout participating outlets by the end of the deployment process in 2015.


Aquiaition- FSC expands and negotiates, on behalf of Vodafone, with new partners in order to expand the current network of retailers.


Operations- FSC carries, on behalf of Vodafone, all accounting and logistical support required to run a smooth operation .


Maintenance- In addition, FSC operates a full partnersí support desk to provide all required and necessary support to the participating network .


Engagement- FSC engages periodically with partners in the network to provide Vodafone One customers with special promotions and value added services. As part of the Engagement plan.
FSC developed and deployed a mobile application on smartphones allowing Vodafone to communicate with its Vodafone One customer base.


Vodafone with the support of FSC will ensure more footfall and traffic to its partners in the network, by directing communication to the Vodafone One customer base and thus creating value to all parties involved.


Examples of distinguished partners in the Vodafone One loyalty network:

  • Retailers: Azadea Group, and Retail Group of Egypt.
  • Super Markets: Seoudi Chain, and Metro Chain.
  • Food and Beverage: Mori Sushi, and La Poire.
  • Hospitality: Starwood.
  • Travel: Travco, and Blue Sky.

FSC has provided a mobile application to serve Vodafone One customers to keep of their points on the go, check the nearby partners wherever they go and also check the latest promotions. In addition, They can use the application to collect and redeem points without the card present.

The application is available through for Smart-phone users and also for non-smart-phone users: